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Parental Support

One of the most valuable commodities for a parent dealing with the public school system in the United States is access to valuable information.  Unfortunately, information isn't always forthcoming from local administrative personnel within the system.  The following pages contain information about agencies established by the federal government that are in place to assist parents in specific situations to help their children succeed. 

ECS is a virtual jackpot when it comes to information about our educational system.  PIRCS are organizations that can actually provide assistance to parents and provide information about the laws that govern our educational system and our rights as parents.  SES covers Supplemental Education Services which provide assistance to low income students attending public schools designated as being in need of improvement.  Explore the links provided in these pages for more information that may be helpful to you.















Parental Support

Education Commission of the States
Home Alone
Parent Information& Resource Centers
Parenting Issues
Supplemental Education Services

























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