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Behavioral Issues

Learning How To Read Between the Lines

Many different things can affect the behavior of our children both at home and at school.  While some problems may be apparent consistently, behavioral problems can easily be more prevalent in particular settings.  There are also a wide variety of internal and external factors that may influence or alter a child's normal behavioral patterns.  These links have been selected to provide information and resources that parent's may find useful when coping with a child exhibiting behavioral difficulties.  Parent's should also consider contacting their  school's counseling office for guidance, information and resources.

National Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:   

National Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Children Who Steal
Understanding Violent Behavior in Children and Adolescents
Children and Lying
Conduct Disorder

Behavioral Issues in Pediatric Epilepsy
Childhood epilepsy is a particular concern to psychiatrists because of the frequency of associated behavioral problems. The prevalence of behavioral problems in children with epilepsy is twice that seen in children with chronic illnesses not involving the CNS and four times that seen in healthy children (Rutter et al., 1970). There are multiple risk factors for behavioral problems in children with epilepsy and a variety of behavioral problems seen in them.







Student Support

Behavioral Issues
Stress & Anxiety


Child Development Institute:  
Temperament and Your Child's Personality

Conduct Bipolar/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Autism/ Asperger's/ Childhood and Adolescent Depression/ Tourette's


US Dept of Health and Human  Services:
The Myth of the Bad Kid

Conduct Disorders

School  School Psychology Resources Online


















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