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As parents, on one occasion or another, we have all experienced the frustrations of dealing with our local public school systems.  Although the vast majority of administrators and teachers are truly dedicated to providing your children the best education possible, in an overworked and underpaid environment, there are quite naturally points in time when the best of intentions can go astray.  When those points in time occur, whether our perspectives as parents are right or wrong, our reaction is basic and instinctive.  We fight to protect our children.

Make no mistake; fighting for your child's rights within our national educational system is not an easy task.  The road blocks are innumerable and at times, the apathy toward the child as an individual can sometimes be mind boggling.  I found myself in the fight of my life, engaged in an all out effort to save my child's dignity and self esteem within an extremely conflicting environment. We survived of course and struggled through the rough spots, but I began to wonder about all the other children that I'd see in the office or the halls.  Who was there to help them when problems arose?  Did their parents have as much difficulty accessing information as I had experienced?  Where was the handbook for parents that would show us how to navigate the system to find the support we needed for our children?

The Public School Parent's Network (PSPN) website was launched in January 2002 as a result of those unanswered questions and the frustrations I had experienced.  The Public School Parent's Network operates with one primary goal in mind. To give parents a sense of empowerment coupled with the necessary information and resources required to become powerful advocates for their children when dealing with administrators and teachers within the public school system. 

By focusing on some of the problematic issues facing today's public school student from a parental perspective, our hope is to equip PSPN site visitors with thought provoking and informative resources. Although the internet is a tremendous source of information, knowing where to begin the search can be a time consuming and frustrating task. PSPN strives to aid parents in that search by serving as a credible resource guide that addresses specific educational issues and problematic situations. Our objective is simply to help point you in the right direction.  Because our links provide a variety of viewpoints on different educational topics,  please use discretion in determining what information will be helpful to you.

PSPN is truly a network of communication between parents and most topics covered on site are a direct result of concerns that parents have chosen to share from all over the country. Every communication, question, suggestion and complaint ultimately leads to the discovery of new information that is passed on to site visitors as we all learn more about our public school systems and how they operate. Once empowered with knowledge, parents can effectively voice their views and have a positive impact on many of the troubling conditions that confront public school children daily.   By educating ourselves as parents, we hope to create a better educational environment on a national level through active and vocal parental involvement.  PSPN's commitment is to the children, because every battle fought and won individually means a better education for all children. Welcome to the Public School Parent's Network.




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