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Tutoring Options for Public School Students

Finding the Help Your Child Needs


     One of the most dreaded words a parent can hear from a teacher is that outside tutoring may be required.  Not because of any hesitation to provide whatever your child needs, but the cost can be prohibitive.  We will try to provide some alternatives that make the "quest" less painful for parents ill-equipped to handle the expense, while providing your child with the help they need.

     One of the resources available, yet not well known are the Education Departments of your local university, or college.  These "Ed Labs" are designed to meet course requirements for college students.  Fees usually vary depending on the service your child receives, yet are nominal in comparison to private tutoring chains and companies.  Typically designated non-profit programs, they give college students an opportunity to work one-on-one with children in supervised settings.  The college students are typically wonderful with children, and excited about teaching.  A definite plus for any child in need of outside help. 

     A second option is to contact your local Board of Education.  Typically there are programs established by the state, and US Government that are designed to give the children the extra help they need to meet academic standards established by your state.  Ask about after school programs, referrals for free tutoring, peer tutoring programs, and any other suggestions they might offer.

(excerpt) Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, low-income children in public schools “in need of improvement” can receive free tutoring, also called supplemental educational services (SES). The SESQ Center helps families take advantage of this opportunity by working to


increase the number of eligible children, receiving free tutoring;


expand the number of quality tutoring services offered; and


improve district, state, and national coordination of the program., a service of the SESQ Center, provides information and tools to help all stakeholders ensure that eligible children get the extra academic help they need.


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