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 Providing our Children with Emotional Support
Psychological Problems Facing Public School Students
Helping Children Cope:  There's A Whole New Breed of Issues Facing Today's Student    


     In today's public school system, children need emotional support now more than ever before.  All the rules seemed to have changed, and many of the "ways things used to be"...simply don't exist for today's public school students.  Peer pressure, bullying, substance abuse, and many other problems that students face have been escalated to an entirely new level.  

     Compared to issues facing children today, many parent's "wild" or "harried" experiences in the good old days, were "a walk in the park" by today's standards.  Of course some experiences we can't help our children avoid, but parents can prepare themselves to help school age children deal with problems when they arise.  How?  By educating themselves as much as possible on the socialization issues and obstacles that children face daily within the public school systems.

      These pages are designed to provide parental resources for socialization issues your child might be facing in school.



The Challenges of Peer Pressure      

In her work as a psychotherapist in Lakeland, Fla., Kate Cohen-Posey deals with children who suffer from a range of problems including depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and sexual abuse. But what do they want to talk about most? Their problems with other kids.






Student Support

Behavioral Issues
Stress & Anxiety





























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