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School Safety: A Collaborative Effort

The Effects of Violence on Young Children
Marilyn S. Massey

What causes school violence? Does violent television programming make children more aggressive? Is bullying really a big deal? What makes girls turn to violence? In answering these and other questions, this section of "The ERIC Review" highlights the concept that to prevent school violence, one must understand it. The first four articles trace the origins of school violence to the environments in which children are raised, discuss the harmful effects of violence on developmental and educational outcomes, and suggest ways that parents and educators can create environments in which children learn to solve problems nonviolently. Because early intervention is not always successful, the final article describes the warning signs that typically precede a violent school incident.

Some Things You Should Know About the Effects of Violence on Children                                                                                                The American Academy of Pediatrics                                       

Children who are victims or witnesses of violence are likely to exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

bullet fear, worried about being safe
bullet aggression toward others
bullet depression
bullet sleeplessness
bullet reluctance to explore their physical environment
bullet psychosomatic symptoms (headaches, stomachaches) 
bullet mental disorders (neuroses, anxiety)
bullet eating disorders
bullet lowered self-esteem
bullet withdrawal
bullet poor school performance,  difficulty paying attention 
bullet suicidal tendencies 
bullet post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - a life stressor that leads to re-experiencing the trauma, avoidant behavior, numbing of responsiveness, increased or decreased arousal, and a variety of other symptoms.







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Playground Safety
School Violence



National Center for Education Statistics Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2002

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Administrative Accountability

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