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Grade Level Issues in Public Schools  

Grade Transitions, Expectations and Adjustments


As we go through the various stages of our children's educational development, parents are faced with different challenges at different grade levels. Whether it's socialization concerns at the elementary level,  jitters about peer pressures or changing classes in middle school or the responsibilities and freedoms of high school, each academic transition has it's own rite of passage.

     As this section develops, these web pages will attempt to address some of the more grade specific issues at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  We welcome your input and topic suggestions.

     For development and socialization issues, we recommend parents review the links in our Student Support Section.


Kidsource Online:  
Academic Redshirting and Young Children 

(excerpt) Academic redshirting for young children refers to the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socio-emotional, intellectual, or physical growth. This kind of redshirting is most often practiced in the case of children whose birthdays are so close to the cut-off dates that they are very likely to be among the youngest in their kindergarten class. This Digest discusses what studies have said thus far about redshirting and its potential effects, and offers suggestions for parents considering delaying their child's entrance into kindergarten.

Promotion Policies Modified:
One Size Doesn't Fit All

Three of the school districts -- Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit -- have modified their promotion policies or are currently considering doing so. Those modifications are not a signal that the school districts are going back to the days of social promotion, school officials say. Rather, they are acknowledging that a "one size fits all" promotion policy doesn't necessarily benefit all children in all circumstances. 
AERA Position Statement Concerning
High-Stakes Testing in PreK-12 Education
The American Educational Research Association (AERA) is the nation's largest professional organization devoted to the scientific study of education. (excerpt) However, if high-stakes testing programs are implemented in circumstances where educational resources are inadequate or where tests lack sufficient reliability and validity for their intended purposes, there is potential for serious harm.



All Kinds of

The Mission: The All Kinds of Minds’ mission is to help students who struggle with learning measurably improve their success in school and life by providing programs that integrate educational, scientific and clinical expertise.

The Approach: Too many kids struggle and fail needlessly simply because the way in which they learn is incompatible with the way they’re being taught. Schools are filled with kids who give up on themselves, are convinced they’re "losers," and conclude they’re just dumb. 

Grade Level Issues

Elementary School
Middle School
High School


Differentiation in Education

ERIC Digest:
Academic Redshirting
and Young Children


Child Development Institute:  Language and Speech Development

Grade Expectations

Learning Styles


Child Development

Stages of Intellectual Development
In Children and Teenagers


Improving Your Child's
Learning Ability


United Federation of Teachers:  Talking to your child about Schoolwork

 Eric Digest:
Academic Reshirting and Young Children



















































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