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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a question for advice?
Due to limited volunteer staffing, we no longer attempt to respond to specific questions.  The most credible information sources available to you are usually found within your school district's administrative offices.  If you feel you need assistance outside of your school's administrative offices, please contact the closest PIRC (Parent Information and Resource Center) in your area. 

How did the Public School Parent's Network originate?
Please see our About Us page.

Is PSPN a subsidiary of another company?
No.  PSPN is not a funded organization and has no affiliations and no hidden agendas.  We are simply a tool for parents to access information.

What are your sources?
The information and sources provided on PSPN can be found through any internet search.  PSPN has simply consolidated a small fraction of the information available on the web that focuses on  various educational issues that affect public school students. 

How current is your information?
We try to update our site quarterly to make sure articles listed on site are still available.  Some older articles will remain on site because of the value we place on their content.  Parents should always perform additional searches to find new information that is made available on the web.  Links no longer accessible through our site can typically be located through an general internet search.  











































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