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Undoubtedly, one of the most intimidating aspects of pursuing a collegiate career are the dreaded entrance exams, and more specifically, the Scholastic Aptitude Test.  Today students have another testing option available to them in the ACT.  Some of the differences according to the Newsweek Article:  Test Wars are as follows:


The SAT's new 25-minute essay is required, while the ACT's essay is optional.


The SAT is three hours and 45 minutes long. The comparable ACT is three hours and 25 minutes.


The SAT has three sections: critical reading, math and writing. The ACT has math, science, reading and English sections, plus optional writing.


The ACT with the writing test costs $43, more than the SAT's $41.50, but the ACT is only $29 without the writing section.

This page is structured to provide you with information to make this transitional step a little less intimidating.  Access to the internet has opened possibilities for many students that simply weren't good "test takers", by providing loads of information, opportunities for advanced preparation, and an abundance of information about how to be successful in this endeavor.  



Yahoo Education: SAT Test Center 

Overview of the SAT
   Structure of the Test  
   Difficulty Level of Questions
   Pacing and Timing
   Facts about the SAT*

Practice Questions for the SAT
 Verbal Section
   Critical Reading
   Sentence Completions
 Math Section
   Regular Math
   Quantitative Comparisons

Yahoo Education: College and Grad School - Test Prep Articles

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New York 
College Board Announces an Overhaul for the SAT

(excerpt) The College Board formally announced yesterday that it was undertaking a major overhaul of the SAT test, one that will include a handwritten essay and take an extra half-hour to complete.

Confirming a proposal that has been discussed for months, the board also revealed new details of its plans to expand the SAT, the nation's leading college entrance exam, into a 3 1/2-hour test. (More)



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