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The Education Commission of the States (ECS)  is an interstate compact created in 1965 to improve public education by facilitating the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among state policymakers and education leaders. As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization involving key leaders from all levels of the education system, ECS creates unique opportunities to build partnerships, share information and promote the development of policy based on available research and strategies.

ECS' Education Issue Sites

ECS Issue Sites are designed to give you a comprehensive
picture of the education issue that interests you. Each site
has a consistent format to make it easy for you to find
what you need, whether it is news about what states are
doing, the best publications available on the topic you've
selected or a list of other Web sites with good information.
Also check the Archives sections for older materials.

These links represent just a few of the vast education issues that are covered on the ECS website.

General | Database | Adequate Yearly Progress | Assessment | Choice/Transfer | Consequences for Schools | Data Storage and Use | Finance | Paraprofessionals | Parent Involvement | Reading/Literacy | Report Cards | Results | Safe Schools | School Support | Scientifically Based Research | Supplemental Services | Teaching Quality |












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