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What is Dyslexia



     American Academy of Pediatrics (excerpt) The highly verbal 5-year-old who can't master the alphabet.  The bright, creative 7-year-old who's behind in his reading skills.  The talented teenager whose mediocre grades are blamed on lack of motivation.  The college student who scraped by in high school and now feels overwhelmed.

     What these otherwise bright, sociable young people have in common is a disability that makes learning in the "usual" way difficult. Dyslexia, characterized by problems with learning to read, remembering what was read, spelling, and organizing thoughts, may be noticed as early as kindergarten or may never be diagnosed.

Reading from defines Dyslexia as "a severe reading problem of neurological origin in a person with average or above average intelligence, for whom there are no other physical, medical, or psychological conditions sufficiently serious to account for the language handling deficits."  If you are the parent of a Dyslexic child, this page provides resource links to help you learn more about Dyslexia, it's treatment, and diagnosis.  






Dyslexia Symptoms & Dyslexia Signs

The word ‘dyslexia’ means ‘difficulty with words or language’, and is frequently used to refer to a child — or adult — who seems much brighter than what his reading and written work suggest. The symptoms or signs below indicate that a child has dyslexia and therefore needs help:

Dyslexia Symptoms: Directional Confusion

Directional confusion may take a number of forms, for example being uncertain of which is left and right, and is the reason for the reversing of letters, whole words or numbers, or for so-called mirror writing. Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms: Sequencing Difficulties

Many dyslexics have trouble with sequencing, i.e. perceiving something in sequence and also remembering the sequence. Naturally this will affect their ability to read and spell correctly. Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms: Difficulties with the Little Words

A frequent comment made by parents of children struggling with their reading is, ‘He is so careless, he gets the big difficult words, but keeps making silly mistakes on all the little ones.’ Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms: Bizarre Reading and Spelling

Bizarre reading or spelling is a severe form of dyslexia and is characterized by guessing wildly at words regardless of whether they make sense or not. Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms: Late Talking or Immature Speech

Research has revealed a dramatic link between the abnormal development of spoken language and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms:  Difficulties with Handwriting

Some dyslexics suffer from poor handwriting skills. The word dysgraphia is often used to describe a difficulty in this area, and is characterized by the following symptoms… Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms: Difficulties with Math

The language of mathematics is often poorly understood by the dyslexic up until the age of twelve — and even beyond. Around 60 percent of dyslexics have difficulty with basic mathematics. Read more…

More Dyslexia Symptoms

Other dyslexia symptoms include making up a story based on the book’s illustrations which bears no relation to the text, reading very slowly and hesitantly… Read more…

Dyslexia Symptoms & Dyslexia Signs is maintained by Susan du Plessis, co-author of The Right to Read: Beating Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities, and Benetta Strydom, an occupational therapist.






















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