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Discipline Policies and Issues in Public Schools



National Center for Education Statistics: 
Principal's Perceptions of Discipline Issues in their Schools      
Zero Tolerance Policies

Rethinking Schools Online:                                                     
Zero Tolerance Unfair to Blacks

(excerpt) African-American students are suspended or expelled from school at a rate disproportionate to their enrollment, according to anew study.
Resisting Zero Tolerance

Indiana University, Office of Communications and Marketing: 
Disproportionate suspensions of African Americans by schools not due to misbehavior, new study finds


National Association of Secondary School Principals:  Principalsí Perspective
Zero Tolerance: A Win-Lose Policy  

Every school day, principals struggle to protect youngsters while at the same time working to make sure they receive the best education possible. We cannot tolerate violence against our students and staffs. We must be thoughtful but aggressive, with clear policies that are understood by students and their parents. These policies must be fairly administered with due process assurances in place.

However, we may want to refine our policies to make sure they address three critical areas ...

Office for Civil Rights
  • Ensuring that nondiscriminatory practices are followed in the placement of minority students in special education and access to gifted and talented programs;
  • Ensuring that English language learners are afforded access to English language instruction, as well as content courses and other educational benefits;
  • Ensuring that elementary and secondary students with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education;
  • Ensuring that students are not subject to a racially hostile environment;
  • Ensuring nondiscriminatory student disciplinary policies and practices; and
  • Ensuring equal opportunity for male and female students to participate in athletic programs.

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University of Colorado
Safe School Resource Sheet
Implementing an Effective School Resource Officer Program


National Association of

Elementary School Principals: 
Zero Tolerance Work?

The Civil Rights Project: 
Harvard University
Opportunities Suspended:
The Devastating Consequences
of Zero Tolerance and
School Discipline Policies


Harvard Education Letter -

Research Online:

The Pros and Cons of

Zero Tolerance


American Academy of Child

 and Adolescent Psychiatry: 




National Center of Education


 School Efforts to Ensure

Safety and Promote Discipline


University of Alabama
 Birmingham's School of Education: 
Corporal Punishment

Eric Digest: 
School Discipline


 Education Week
on the Web:
Do Students Have
the Right To A Lawyer?

USA Today:  
Zero Tolerance Laws
 Lack Flexibility











































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