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Why Teacher's Should be Required to Provide Children and Parents With a Syllabus    

     Your child's grades are falling.  You've asked your child's teacher, "What seems to be the problem?"  You're told that perhaps study habits could be improved upon, and your diligence in making sure homework assignments are completed would make a big difference.  You assure the teacher that you're on the case and come home committed to making sure your child fulfills his or her part of the academic challenge.  NOW WHAT?

     Children struggling in school display their frustrations in many ways.  Some children feel that there's no point in studying.  Their self esteem plummets and they begin to fall into a self fulfilling prophecy.  Because they decide they can't do the work, ... they don't.  If your child isn't writing down assignments, not bothering to study, and generally seems totally disinterested,... this may be part of the problem.  Parents can't help unless they know what the requirements are.  Test dates, homework assignments, and knowing the sequential order of what materials are to be covered in class are the tools parents need in order to help their children meet academic expectations.  Ask your child's teacher for a syllabus detailing what's expected from your child each grading period.  Your request probably won't receive a warm reception, but parents must force themselves to be insistent in matters that are pivotal for their children's success.  If you're refused, follow up with the school's administrative offices for assistance.  If all reasonable attempts are rejected, then ask for a written explanation why, and details of the alternative plan they have in mind to assist your child in meeting their academic requirements. 

     A syllabus should be mandated by all public school systems, ...  nationwide, not only to provide a tool for parents to help their children, but as a daily tool for students to follow.  Teachers prepare lesson plans for the year.  If organization and preparation are critical for the teacher, than by what standard can it possibly be determined that the children don't deserve, and need that same kind of preparation and organizational opportunity.

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After falling off the curriculum map a generation ago, geography has made a quiet comeback in U.S. classrooms. Still, its supporters are looking to hold on to the ground they've gained, especially at a time when political and economic stakes have been raised to learn about other places and cultures.

USA                                                         , NPR team up for civics education Web site  NEW YORK (AP)
(excerpt) and National Public Radio on Wednesday announced the launch of Justice Learning, a civics education Web site for high school students and teachers based on NPR's radio program, Justice Talking.



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