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College Preparation
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Test Wars

Despite repeated promises of reform from the SAT's keepers, critics still find plenty to talk about. Could the ACT finally conquer all?

Begin Now!: Students labor over practice SAT exams this past spring

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College is Possible

A Resource Guide for Parents, Students, and Education Professionals

Thinking about college? You probably have a lot of questions: How does the application process work? What sort of college is right for me? How much will college cost? You've come to the right place. America's colleges and universities have prepared this site to guide you to the books, websites, and other resources that admissions and financial aid professionals consider most helpful. With planning, preparation -- and the right information -- college is possible for almost every American.


The Busy Teachers Website K-12: 
Higher Education References - A very thorough site with a wealth of information from university listings to campus tours, college rankings, and more.

US Dept of Education:  
What can my child do to prepare academically for college?


National Center for Education Statistics: 
IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line

US Department of Education: Office of Post-Secondary Education- Campus Security Statistics Website


CollegeSource Online

World Wide Leader in College Information Resources


PBS Online ( Frontline -
Secrets of the SAT.  Why the national obsession with the SAT test? And how fair, reliable and democratic is it?







College Preparation

Entrance Exams
Financial Aid


MSNBC - Newsweek Health
Test Wars

College Admission
Admission Essary Writing

How Stuff
College Admission
When to Apply, SAT Scores

Schools in the  Find the school that's right for you

and more...

US Dept of Education: 
Think College
Early Preparation

Early Admission - Ask the Expert


Yahoo Directory:
College Admissions Offices


Colleges and Universities Offering Early Admission (by name)


US Army ROTC Scholarships


Eric Review

College Preparation Checklist for Students/ Financial Preparation Checklist for Parents


Mapping Your

































Microsoft Office: Template Gallery Student Letters
































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