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After School Programs in Public Schools

What Happens to Your Children After the Bell?



     These links are dedicated to programs providing one our the most needed services in public school's today.  Quality after-school programs for our children.  With so many parents working full time outside of the home, the after school care and supervision of our children is a fundamental concern.  The beauty of after school programs for working families is the assurance that school age children are in a supervised environment that parents can trust.  Homework help, tutoring services, reading programs, play time or physical activities and nutritious after school snacks are only a few of the advantages that after school programs can provide.   If you are interested in beginning an after school program in your area, please review these links for information, services, and funding resources that may be available. 















Administrative Accountability

After School Care
Class Size
Discipline Policies
Dress Codes
Grade Retention

Teacher Quality
Teacher Misconduct
Transportation Issues
State Board of Ed Links
Year Round Schools








































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