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Academic Tracking
in Public Schools

 Making Sure your Child's Future is Headed in the Right Direction ?

 By Definition...

What is Tracking?  Tracking can be defined as the placement of students into courses based on their performance in standardized achievement tests and/or IQ tests and in previous courses in the same discipline.  In simpler terms according to the Applied Research Center:  "Tracking is the practice of placing students in different classes based on perceived differences in their abilities.  It takes a variety of forms, including remedial and special education programs, as well as programs for gifted and talented students. At the high school level, many school systems distinguish between college preparatory and vocational tracks."

     Consequently, within public school systems nationwide, students are placed into separate curricular programs based on some expected outcome. Tracks can be identified by ability (high, average, or low), or by the kind of preparation they provide (academic, general, vocational).

The Important Question?  Does your child's school use academic tracking for the placement of its students?  If the answer is yes, (especially if your child is in the higher elementary or middle school grades), your primary objective for the summer should be to find out now what direction your child's track is headed. 

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